Enrichment Classes (“Specials”): St. Thomas Aquinas provides several classes designed to enhance the curriculum for its students. These classes are considered “specials.”  In general, specials are not offered every day to each student, but meet two to three times weekly.  The schedule for offering these classes is determined at the beginning of each school year, and parents will be notified of the schedule.

  • Art
    • Art classes include a wide range of media. Students are taught to use art as an expression and to appreciate the art of others. They are taught to see the record that art leaves as a history of our humanity.
  • Music
    • All grades enjoy a general music appreciation program. Students learn to read music and have the opportunities to perform in the choir at school Masses.
  • Physical Education
    • The STA Physical Education program promotes fitness for life with individual challenges, team activities, and health instruction.
    • The physical health and development of our students is an integral part of our endeavor to teach and guide them in all essential areas of growth. Physical Education and its relationship to health are also emphasized because we know that they are key factors in the child’s success in learning. The goals of the physical education program are:
      • to equip our students with exercise skills and knowledge that can guide them to the adoption of a healthy lifestyle;
      • to increase students’ stamina, strength, flexibility, and movement;
      • to teach them the skills that will enable them to participate in a variety of sports activities; and
      • to guide them in developing good sportsmanship, cooperation, and honesty in the sports they play.

      St. Thomas hosts a Annual Field Day at Butler University every May and it is a great way to celebrate the close of school and beginning of summer!

  • Library
    • The primary focus of St. Thomas library class is to develop a love and interest in the written word.  The motto of the library is “those who read will succeed.”  The children walk away knowing that reading is the foundation of all areas of learning.  We live in a society surrounded by words.
    • The children in grades K-6 attend library once a week.  Lessons reflect the library’s focus on developing readers.  The children are allowed to check out books and books are always read with the students in the reading corner.  We have also hosted authors and poets throughout the years so the children experience variety in literature. Developing a love of books is truly the goal of St. Thomas Aquinas’ library.
  • Computers
    • STA focuses on creating responsible digital citizens through our teaching.  Our teachers use technology as a tool to support and enhance instruction. Students use the computer lab as a source for Internet research. Computer classes focus on word processing and presentation programs. In addition to the computer lab, there are 15 computers in the Science lab and several computers in each class. Additionally, all classrooms have cable access in order to enrich the curriculum.
  • Spanish
    • All grades, K-8, take Spanish lessons with a focus on conversational Spanish and an understanding of the Hispanic culture. Spoken and written skills are emphasized in the upper grades.