School Commission members serve for three years on a rotating basis. Over half are elected positions with the others appointed to ensure the diverse needs of the parish and school parents are represented. Each commission member serves on at least one sub-committee and most sub-committees have non-commission members as well in order to best accomplish their work.

Standing committees are: Monitoring, Membership, Finance, Marketing and Technology.  Each committee includes a commission member as leader of the associated activities. The chair of the School Commission serves on the Parish Council and the Finance commissioner serves on the Parish Finance Commission. A member of the Parent Association Board serves on the School Commission.

Commission Members Phone
Aaron Ketzenberger
317-987-4721 7/2016-6/2019
Andrew Purdie, Chair
317-752-2613 7/2014-6/2020
Bill Dwenger
202-445-4300 7/2018-6/2021
Clay Bowden, Finance
508-397-8080 7/2017-6/2020
Eileen Walthall
317-345-8687 7/2017-6/2020
Megan Bloede, Vice Chair
317-509-7162 7/2015-6/2020
Miranda Stickel, Student Rep 7/2015-6/2018
Vicente Giordanelli,
317-985-1743 7/2013-6/2019
Molly White, PA Rep
317-417-0317 7/2017-6/2019
Nancy Valdiserri, Principal
Fr. Michael Hoyt, Pastor