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The Parents’ Association is open to all parents and guardians of STA students. There are many ways to get involved – volunteer opportunities will be published throughout the year in School Scoops. We hope you will consider donating your time and/or treasure.

The annual Trash Bag Sale is STA’s only mandatory fundraiser and endows the majority of PA’s budget, allowing for the PA to fund many important initiatives for our school, including field trips, teacher appreciation events and Grandparent’s Day.

Trash Bag sales occur at the beginning of the school year, but bags are always available for sale through the school office. Please see Mrs. Sochacki if you’d like to purchase additional rolls!

The PA also organizes and staffs our Lunch Breaks (Chicken Monday, Hot Dog/Jimmy Johns Tuesday, Pizza Friday), which are also a significant fundraiser.  Students who sign up for lunch breaks will receive the main course (Chik-Fil-A sandwich, hot dog and/or pizza), a fruit or vegetable and dessert.

You’ve likely seen this logo on the foods and household items you buy. Clip the box top and bring them into school on STA Box Top dates (published in School Scoops).  It is also easy ways for grandparents, family, neighbors, friends, and alumni to support STA. Spread the word!