The Parents’ Association operates through a Board composed of its officers and committee chairs.  The PA Executive Council consists of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and immediate past president.  The president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and chairpersons of the standing committees constitute the PA Board of Directors. The purpose of the Board of Directors is to provide coordination, direction and leadership for the activities of PA.

PA Executive Council

President Molly White
Vice President Tiffany Benjamin
Treasurer Angela Connor
Secretary Rocky Marsh
Past President Maeleen Hurley

PA Standing Committee Chairs

Enrichment  Enrichment Megan Berry*
Innovation Grants Sharon Miller
Family Support Family Support Meg Christensen
Hospitality Hospitality Jessica Fraser*
Sock Hop Jessica Fraser
Art Show Jessica Fraser
Grandparent’s Day Jodi Funk
Field Day Lunch Chris Meyer
New Parent Orientation Principal

PA President

School Commission Chair

Family Support Chair

Back to School Night PA President

PA Board

Teacher Appreciation Teacher Appreciation Amy LaHood*
Ways & Means Ways & Means Sheila Brown*
Trash Bag Sales Becky Marks
Lunch Break Monday Stephanie Bush
Lunch Break Friday Megan Garver
Hot Dog Tuesday Mary Kay Hudson
Book Fair Lisa Louks

Alicia Robinson

Used Uniform Sale Ryann Foster
School Supply Kits Maggie Sears
Box Tops / Rebates Mo Buell

*Chair of standing committee

2017-2018 Room Parents

  • Pre-K: Meg Christensen
  • Kindergarten: Mo Buell, Mary Durbin Sparks & Patty See
  • Grade 1: Ronetta Spalding & Jill Gordon
  • Grade 2: Amy Guyette & Kate Erdel
  • Grade 3: Molly White & Jennie Pyrz
  • Grade 4: Jenny Lurkins
  • Grade 5: Jen Medley & Megan Berry
  • Grade 6: Nicole Sheetz & Moira Dugan
  • Grade 7: Jennifer Wright & Maggie Sears
  • Grade 8: Belinda Mulhern & Molly Sowar
  • Room parents Roles & Responsibilities
Parents’ Association By Laws