To our Parishioners:

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSISTENT GENEROSITY TO THE ST. THOMAS AQUINAS ST VINCENT DE PAUL CONFERENCE!  Your donations enable us to fulfill a fundamental command of Jesus to help the poor and disenfranchised; feed His sheep; and to pray for them and for you.

Under certain circumstances we are able to offer rent and utility assistance to individuals and families in need who reside within our parish boundaries. We also provide financial support to the Boulevard Place food pantry, the Cathedral Soup Kitchen, contribute to the mattress fund at the SVdP distribution center, provide grocery gift certificates to clients during our Home Visits, and prepare food baskets for families at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  None of these activities would be possible without your support.

Here in the United States, St. Vincent de Paul conferences in southern Border States have been challenged by the influx of persons who have been released from their ICE detentions. Together with Catholic Charities they are providing daily assistance with food, clothing, hygiene items, shelter, and relocation assistance.  Many volunteers are involved. At our August St Thomas Aquinas SVdP meeting, our members voted to share some of our currently-available cash with the St. Vincent de Paul Diocesan Council of El Paso Texas.  Specifically, we have donated $2,000.00 to the St. Luke’s Parish SVdP conference in El Paso that prepares “Care Packages” at the cost of approximately $250.00 a week, sometimes more.  According to the Vincentian Rule, such donations to other SVdP councils and conferences are permitted and encouraged.

We are extending your generosity to these brothers and sisters in crisis.  The president of the El Paso Council was ecstatic to hear the news and asked us to thank you most gratefully for this gift.  And, as always, thank you for your continued support of our St Vincent de Paul conference at STA.