CYO Sports and the CYO Organization is a ministry of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and it exists to deepen relationships with Jesus Christ and one another, to celebrate the God-given gifts of each individual and to enhance the faith formation and personal development of youth by providing athletic, camping and enrichment opportunities.
Learn what specific sports are offered at STA for both our school kids as well as school-age parishioner studens and how you YOU help?



How to Help?

Boys Basketball (Gr 4-8)

Nov – Jan Boys Basketball includes a 4th grade team and typically a 5/6 & Cadet “A” and “B” team.

Coaches work with kids

  • Early/Mid-November thru mid/late January
  • 2-3 times per week
  • Practices range from 60 or 90 min, depending on gym time.
  • Games run 60 minutes  (+ travel time for away games)
  • A few other commitments for skills evaluation and pre- and post-season coaches meeting

If you are interested in helping with boys basketball, please contact Duane Marks.

Girls Kickball (Gr 4-8)

Aug – Sep Girls Kickball is a fun way to get into the swing of the new school year. Seasons are typically about 3 weeks, beginning on the first week of school. Teams usually play 7 games during that time. We practice when we can! I suggest 1 practice per game, depending on availability of the parking lot.

We can always use coaches for 4th, 5/6 and Cadet.

Please contact Molly Sowar if you are interested!

Girls Basketball (Gr 4-8)

Sep – Nov Girls Basketball is a great way to get involved in CYO sports. We always welcome parishioners who are interested in coaching OR start out as assistants.
The commitment for girls basketball:

  • Mid-September to early November
  • 2-3 times per week (practices before October 1 and, after that, combination of practices and games)
  • Practices either 60 or 90 min; games approx. 1 hour (+ travel time for away games)
  • A few other commitments for skills evaluation (2-3 hours on a Saturday in August) and pre- and post-season coaches meeting (approx. 1 hour each)

If you are interested in helping with girls basketball, please contact Liz Turner Suscha @

Girls Volleyball (Gr 4-8)

Jan – Mar Girls Volleyball is one of our more popular sports BUT we need help with COACHES as well as a COORDINATOR!  Please see below and contact Vicente Giordanelli @ if interested.

Coaches Expectations:

  • 7 games throughout the season
  • 2-3 practices per week during season and at least two weeks before season. (Coach choose the times based on Gym availability)
  • Participate in the Tryouts selection (Ideally mid-December)
  • Beer and/or scotch will be offer to coaches at some point in the season. (Learning from Duane)
  • Communicating to Parents
  • Season Begins at end of January and ends Beginning of March.

Responsibility for Coordinator:

  • Set up the tryouts
  • Find Coaches for all the teams
  • Coordinate Gym space for practices before and during season with the AD and other sports.
  • Deliver Uniforms to teams coaches
  • Liaison between AD CYO and the coaches.
Track & Field (Gr 3-8) with Christ The King & St. Matthews

Mar – May For TRACK, we are always looking for volunteers and help coach track. Ideally, we want parishioners who have a specific interest in track OR school parents with young children who can stay with the program over several years!  Please contact Jeff if you have an interest in coaching or an interest in taking our track program to the next level.
Soccer (Gr 5-8)

Mar – May A great chance for kids to play co-ed soccer.  We typically have a 5/6 and Cadet team.

We always are open to help with soccer as well as looking for players.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO A STUDENT to join our team.  It is open to PARISHIONERS, as well.