An Exciting Opportunity Renewal . . . from time to time, we all feel the need for it. Sometimes it is a matter of renewing ourselves physically or spiritually. Stress, fatigue, disappointments, and even our daily routine can cause our spirits to flag or our faith to falter. Sometimes it is a matter of renewing our physical environment. Our homes and work spaces can become dated, worn, and in need of repair. So it is with our church and school community and the facilities in which our community comes together.
St. Thomas Aquinas Church and School is embarking on an exciting endeavor to reinvigorate and renew the collective spiritual lives of our members while also updating and repairing our church and school facilities. With the Renewing Our Community Campaign, St. Thomas Aquinas seeks to fund essential facility improvements and energy conservation measures aimed at making our facilities more reflective of our values and conducive to the sacraments, liturgical celebrations, ministries, faith formation, and community engagement that define us as a faith community.
We invite you to be part of this important endeavor, described more fully in the following pages, to renew our facilities as we grow as a community of faith, hope, and love.  Please review the Case Statement:

STA Capital Campaign Case Statement 2017