TED Talk Focuses on Race and Social Justice

The 2nd annual TED Talk took place in the church on January 25th, 2019, and we featured two separate discussions:

“Finding Myself in the Story of Race,” given by Debby Irving, and “It Is Time for a New Civil Rights Movement,” by Adam Foss. The talks were followed by interactive discussions facilitated by two members of our parish community, Judith Cebula and Shanna Martin.

Both of the talks both complimented each other by highlighting personal stories of how race relations and diversity were central in their lives. Shanna – an alumna of STA – grew up in the BTNA neighborhood and is now raising her kids in the parish. Judith grew up in a diverse community in Cincinnati. She saw similarities within the STA parish as a community that champions diversity and inclusion.

The 70-plus members of the audience shared and reflected on the life experiences that shaped who they are. The group emphasized the importance of both the parish and society overall making positive strides to improve issues of equity in race, social justice, and civil rights.

As we all realize, it is often hard to start the hard discussions of race, injustice and how to combat negativity in today’s world.  STA’s Ted Talk on race and social justice offered our parish, neighborhood, and families a platform to begin having these essential conversations.

Following the event, attendees enjoyed a wine and cheese reception sponsored by the Catholic Identity Committee.