Spirituality and Meditation

March 19-23, 2017
Spirituality and Meditation
(Five 1-hour sessions)

The Franciscan Hermitage is an Inter-faith Life Center specializing in spirituality and meditation. We will be presenting an introduction to Franciscan Spirituality (adopted by Pope Francis) and meditation. (see details below).
The program includes theory as well as 5 different experiences of meditations. All sessions are free and open to the general public

Fr. Justin will preach at all Masses, Saturday and Sunday, March 18-19, 2017.

Evening sessions: 7-8 pm Sunday, March 19 thru Thursday, March 23.
Morning sessions: 9-10 am Monday March 20 thru Thursday, March 23.

The content of each 1-hour session is as follows:
Sunday: A description of the “Life Mechanism” which is present in every human being.
Monday: An explanation of meditation and how it can direct and control the “Life Mechanism”.
Tuesday: How to use meditation to build faith and/or develop positive attitudes.
Wednesday: How to use meditation to know God’s will and achieve personal goals.
Thursday: Love and Conscience.

“Life is not a place of arrival; it is a manner of travel.”
Fr. Justin

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