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The SHarP Garden at 46th and Illinois

Interested in growing vegetables? Sharing locally grown food with others? Witnessing creation in action? In 2010 St. Thomas and Common Ground established the SHarP (“Shared Harvest Project”) garden at 46th and Illinois. SHarP gardeners grow for both themselves and the community – helping to address local needs by providing produce to the St. Vincent DePaul food pantry. They garden  3’ x 8’ plots for their own use or “adopt” community plots to grow food for the food pantry. Gardeners participate in spring and fall clean up, and garden from roughly April to October. Produce from community beds is donated to the Boulevard Place Food Pantry at 42nd and Boulevard. You keep the produce/flowers from your own plot or donate to the Pantry if you wish.

The mission of the SHarP garden is to:

  • Provide fresh produce for gardeners and the food pantry
  • Link neighbors and STA parishioners through the gardening experience
  • Offer vivid representations of biblical metaphors and parables
  • Provide a resource for STA student education
  • Beautify the neighborhood
  • Be a place for joy, respite, reflection, and reminder of our Creator

Contact information: Bill Scott, 317-925-3281,