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To request information about receiving a sacrament at St. Thomas, please complete:
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Sacraments of Christian Initiation 

baptism_imgBaptism: This sacrament welcomes a child into the Christian faith and faith community.  Through this sacrament we are freed from sin and reborn as children of God, becoming members of Christ. At St. Thomas, we encourage parents, godparents, family members and friends to share in this beautiful expression of initiation into the Christian faith.

The baptism of school-age children is arranged through the youth minister. Adult baptism, as part of joining the Catholic Church, is handled by the RCIA program.

Our baptisms take place after the 10:30 Mass on the fourth Sunday of the month or by special arrangement with the pastor. Please call the Parish Office (317-253-1461), to register for baptism preparation and to arrange a date for baptism.  Parents need only to attend baptism preparation for the first child baptized.  Coordinator:  Rachel Thomas, 317-258-3733,

eucharistFirst Communion / First Reconciliation: These are huge events in every Catholic child’s life as they learn about the gift of God’s love and grace through the Sacraments. Children and their parents meet in small groups to conduct preparation classes.  Candidates also participate in retreats before each sacrament is conferred. First Reconciliation occurs in the Fall/Winter and First Communion occurs in the Spring.

You can help plan and prepare second graders for their Reconciliation and First Communion, guiding them to understand the gift of God’s love and grace through the Sacraments and helping them love the Eucharist!  Volunteers in this ministry conduct small group activities at the retreat, help make banners with candidate families, and help with worship. This area is for people who have a loving heart, a willingness to share Christ with our children.  Leader:  Karla Hudecek,

Confirmation“The Sacrament of Confirmation is so important. We need the grace of this sacrament to support us in carrying out our baptismal vocation not only to live the faith but to witness to it.  This is why the Church requires that our youth be confirmed.  Confirmation allows the young Church to advance in their faith, but also it impacts their families and the entire community of believers, the Church.  It allows the gifts and service of the confirmandi to contribute to the building up the Kingdom of God.” (Archbishop Emeritus Daniel Beuchlein OSB).

At St. Thomas Aquinas, our program prepares students in the 8th,  9th or 10th grades for the Sacrament of Confirmation and draws our candidates into a deeper relationship with God through sponsor/candidate relationships, monthly formation meetings, service projects, and a retreat. Leader: Karla Hudecek,