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eucharistSacramental Preparation: This program prepares children in the second grade for First Communion and First Reconciliation.  First Communion is a huge event in every Catholic child’s life as they learn about the gift of God’s love and grace through the Sacraments. Children and their parents meet in small groups to conduct preparation classes.  Candidates also participate in retreats before each sacrament is conferred. First Reconciliation occurs in the Fall/Winter and First Communion occurs in the Spring.

reconciliationYou can help plan and prepare second graders for their Reconciliation and First Communion, guiding them to understand the gift of God’s love and grace through the Sacraments and helping them love the Eucharist!  Volunteers in this ministry conduct small group activities at the retreat, help make banners with candidate families, and help with worship. This area is for people who have a loving heart, a willingness to share Christ with our children.  Leader:  Kate Marshall,