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Religious Education/Faith Formation: This ministry is designed to catechize the children of the parish in K-8th grade who do not attend a catholic school.  From September – April students attend class each Sunday from 9 am – 10:25 am.

For the RE calendar and registration form, see link below and to register your child(ren) or if you are interested in teaching religious education classes please contact the Sunday Religious Education coordinator.

Volunteers catechist are the backbone of our Religious Education program at STA.  Teachers can serve in lead and assistant capacity and usually spend 2 hours each week preparing and 90 minutes in class.  Energetic and faith-filled parishioners who feel comfortable  in the classroom are welcome to serve in this important ministry. All necessary materials are provided.

Volunteer catechists are the backbone of our religious education program at STA. This important ministry is designed for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  From September – May, catechists are asked to teach on Sunday from 9:15 am to 10:25 am. You can serve as lead catechist or assistant.  Approximately 2 hours of prep time and 90 minutes of class time are required on the weeks that you teach.  We are looking for energetic and faith-filled parishioners who feel comfortable in the classroom.  All materials are provided.

Leader: Jenny Buckingham, 317-253-1461,

RE registration 2016-2017

RE schedule 2016-2017