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Morning Prayer at St. Thomas: Do you ever wake in the middle of the night feeling abandoned and in despair? Or give thanks for fresh morning dew in the garden? Recognize one of your faults and ask for God’s kindness and mercy? Feel wonder and gratitude for all you have been given, or do you wonder, on the other hand, if God’s love has vanished and the Lord has rejected you forever? Have you then felt again God’s love and could not hold back from singing for joy? Morning Prayer reminds us that our spiritual guides have written about these same feelings and experiences from the time of the Hebrew scriptures through the New Testament.

If you are looking for a healthy early morning routine to start your day why not drop in to our 7:30 AM Morning Prayer which we have daily (year around), Monday through Friday, at 7:30 AM in the Bosler Chapel at St. Thomas.

The service is always over by 7:50 AM. In a fifteen minute period we share moments of outward song, inward silence, readings from the psalms and canticles, a short reading from the New Testament, some intercessory prayers for yourself or others, the Our Father, and then a simple prayer to close. This is the same format of Morning Prayer, from the “Liturgy of the Hours,” that the Franciscans at Sacred Heart, Carmelites (now at Oldenburg), and Benedictines at Beech Grove or St. Meinard use to start their day.

Regular Morning Prayer helps us to renew and sustain our spiritual roots.  Please feel welcome to join us on either a regular or occasional basis. We provide the prayer books. If you have any questions contact our leader and parishioner Bill Scott.

Leader: Bill Scott, 317-925-3281,