ACP is currently looking to hire sensitive and caring persons with a calm, peaceful demeanor to join our team in our mission to serve the elderly.  Applicant must have a genuine interest and ability to work with the elderly population and a sensitive and enthusiastic manner with a general knowledge of physical and cognitive impairments.  Applicants must be flexible, take initiative, creative and willing to work as a team.  Computer literacy, knowledge of HIPAA and Person-Centered Care a plus.

REGISTERED NURSE: This Registered Nurse position is part-time, 27.5 hours a week, M-F. Provides on-going assessments, monitors health problems and implements Person-Centered Care nursing care plans.  Completes monthly vital sign checks, or as needed, and records changes to caregiver.  Assists participants in maintaining optimal health, coordinates health screenings and assists with activities of daily living. Three years of experience in geriatric care/disease process a plus.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST: This is a part-time position, 12-15 hours a week.  Provides one-on-one care to participants on an “as needed” basis.  Assists with supervising OT students as requested.  Provides and maintains medical records of assessments, functional testing and goals of treatment, implementing strength-based Person-Centered Care planning.  Must be well versed in HIPAA standards.

PHYSICAL THERAPIST:  This is a part-time position, 20 hours a week, M-F.  provides one-on-one care to participants after a thorough assessment.  Completes strength-based care plans, re-assessments, manages the Walking Program and its volunteers and maintains medical records.  Supervises any PT students.  Must be versed on HIPAA and Person-Centered Care.

DRIVERS:  This position is a part-time position of about 6-20 hours a week (1 or 3 days of driving).  Must possess knowledge of Indiana driving laws and regulations and of a general geographic in which the bus is to be driven is a must.  Ability to perform work independently and use sound judgment in emergency and other situations is essential.  Good communication skills and ability to maintain records are required.

KITCHEN AIDE:  This is a part-time position, 17.5 hours a week (10:30 am-2:00 pm), M-F.  Must be able to multi-task and complete the “e-foodhandlers certificate” for Indiana prior to hire.  Some lifting involved.  Involves heating meals and preparing sides to serve participants their noon meal.  Dish washing, floor sweeping, and mopping included.

PARTICIPANT SUPPORT:  This is a full-time position, 8:30 am-5:00 pm, for a person who possesses a genuine interest in caring for frail, cognitively and physically impaired senior adults.  Assists nursing and Activity Coordinator and is under the supervision of the Program Director.  Must work as a team member, and awareness of Person-Centered Care and HIPAA a positive.

All interested applicants should contact:  Amy Sczesny, LCSW, Program Director, asczesny@archindy.org or 317-466-0015 for further information.  Fax cover letter and resume to Amy Sczesny at 317-475-3093.