Instructions to Apply for / ReNew an Alcoholic Beverage License

Instructions to Apply for an Alcoholic Beverage License

  1. Go to the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission on line services page
  2. Click “First Time Application” under Employee permits
  3. Enter birth date and SSN and click “search.”
  4. Create a profile with name, birth date, SSN, address, email, user ID, and password
  5. Login with userid and password just created
  6. Select “initial application” in left margin
  7. Select from dropdown categories:  Alcoholic Beverage, Volunteer Employee Permit, Online. Then, click “start application.”
  8. Read instruction/notice and click “Next Step”
  9. Check mailing address, edit as necessary, and click “Complete.”
  10. Answer questions and click “confirm.”
  11. Click “pay fees.”
  12. Click “pay fees” on next page.
  13. Enter credit card information and click “Submit.”
  14. Click “I agree.”
  15. Click “Print Receipt.”

Instructions for Renewal of Existing Alcoholic Beverage License

  1. Go to Indiana Professional Licensing Agency page
  2. Click “Learn More.”
  3. Click “Get Started.”
  4. If you know your userID and password, enter them, click “Login,” and go to step 9.
  5. If not, click “Register a Person” in left margin.
  6. Enter 2 of 3 of the following: existing license #, birth date, SSN and click “Search.”
  7. Update profile, enter password, enter password again to confirm, and click “Register.”
  8. To login, re-enter userID and password just created and click “Login.”
  9. Select “renew application” in left margin.
  10. Select applicable license to renew and click “continue.”
  11. Click “complete.”
  12. Answer questions and click “confirm.”
  13. Click “pay fees.”
  14. Click “pay fees” on next page.
  15. Enter credit card information and click “Submit.”
  16. Click “I agree.”
  17. Click “Print Receipt.”
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