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Belle-Rivière, Haiti: There are many opportunities for persons of any background or talent in this vital STA ministry. The Haiti committee promotes exchange and communication through interaction with our sister parish, St. Jean-Marie at Belle-Rivière, Haiti. The committee members attempt to convey both the beauty and extreme poverty of Haiti through an annual report, regular news updates, photo/info displays, school visits, website displays, and email messages. Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the Bethany Room. General time commitment is 2-3 hours per month or whatever the individual is willing to invest.

Because of the generosity of St. Thomas Aquinas parishioners and the generosity of many friends of Belle-Rivière, the following programs are funded in Belle-Rivière.

  • Belle-Rivière Parish School (K-12) Support (26 Teachers’ Annual Salaries) – $20,435
  • Belle-Rivière Parish Support – $8,738
  • Parish School Lunch Program for 451 Students (K-12) – $16,885
  • Lhomond Chapel School (K-6) Support (8 Teachers’ Annual Salaries) – $6,092
  • Lhomond Chapel School Lunch Program for 145 Students (K-6) – $5,429
  • National School Lunch Program for 171 Students (K-6) – $6,840
  • Gift of Water Filtration Program Maintenance (900+ homes) – $5,580
  • Medical Clinic (weekly doctor and biweekly dentist visit, monthly drug stipend, and transportation costs) This program replaces the need for medical-team visits – $12,687
  • Sea Container Shipment – $700.63

Total – $83,386

Which of these programs can you choose to support?  Donations may be sent to:

STA Haiti Fund

4625 N. Kenwood Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46208


The WeShare page of the parish web site may also be used to make credit card donations.

Parishioners may also use the purple envelopes in their bi-monthly packets.

Thanks to all of those who contribute to this program through their prayers and/or their financial support.  Your reward shall be great!

Contact: Steve Bezy, steve.vicki.bezy@sbcglobal.net