Giving Hope to a World in Need – Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

The Gift of Hope. Christmas is a time to give thanks to God for the love he showed in sending His only Son. As we navigate a world overtaken by consumerism, conflict and poverty, we can reconcile the joy of giving with our call to do good. We invite you to give the Gift of Hope through the CRS Gift Catalog. Doing so will brighten the faces of your loves ones, and also the lives of those most in need. Your gift can provide prenatal care and ensure a baby’s safe delivery, or provide a village their first taste of clean water. You can give chickens to a hungry family or send a modified bicycle to a child with disabilities, enabling her to get to school. The many items in the catalog represent real goods and services delivered by CRS to more than 100 million people in 101 countries. When you give, CRS will send your loved one a customized note card, so they know the impact of your generosity. Give a lifesaving gift today at or the parish website for a prayer to compliment this info.

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