Gennesaret Free Clinics – Celebration

30 Years of Caring

1988 – Dr. James A. Trippi saw a need at a soup kitchen — homeless and very poor people did not have basic medical care. He told his colleagues about what he saw and asked them to join him and, they did! Hundreds of volunteers — physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and others began visiting homeless shelters to provide vital healthcare.
2018 – 30 years later, Gennesaret Free Clinics remains true to its mission of caring for those most in need. Gennesaret provides basic medical, comprehensive dental, vision care, early detection services for breast and cervical cancer, and operates three respite homes for homeless men and women who have been hospitalized and need a place to heal. Gennesaret serves thousands of patients for tens of thousands of patient visits. All services are free of charge.
Gennesaret Free Clinics — A Community Response to A Community Need, Dedicated to Healing.


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