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Colin Meier, 6th

Colin Meier – 6th Grade St. Thomas Aquinas School and Parish has been at 46th and Illinois since the late 1930s. It has always been a church that accepts all. Over the next 50 years, I think St. Thomas will change in a lot of positive ways such as adding a food pantry and a [...]

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Samantha Purdie, 5th

Samantha Purdie – Winner in 5th - 6th grade The St. Thomas Parish has been around for 50 years, and in the past years has made prodigious and welcoming changes. Over the next 50 years, the neighborhood will change and so will the parish. It will grow in parishioners and programs in the services for [...]

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Finn Christ – Essay Winner 7th-8th grade category Love and Care for Others What do I see in our parish in the next fifty years? This is an interesting question and can be seen from many perspectives. The perspective that I see it from is not the physical accomplishments, but the how we treat each [...]

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The Bloede Family Emmerson - Hi, My name is Emmerson. Claire - And my name is Claire. Emmerson - I am in 4th grade here at St Thomas. I have gone to school here for 5 years. Claire - I’m in in 2nd grade here and have been here 3 years. Emmerson - These are [...]

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Joseph Smith Sr. Brenda and I, being the products of Holy Angels and St. Bridget’s, we were looking for a parish that we could call home, a place that recognized and celebrated our blackness and embodied the feeling of belonging. We wanted a church that was lively and active and genuine. (In 1969) … we [...]

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