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St. Thomas Aquinas Parish is a diverse and welcoming community, committed to serving the will of God and living the gospel of Jesus Christ through prayer, vibrant liturgy, educational excellence, personal sharing and social action. All are welcome to join us for liturgy and events.

News & Events

Order Bricks for the Garden

Name Bricks in the STA Garden Pathway Now that the brick pathway in the STA Schoolyard Habitat garden has been repaired, parishioners and school families are invited [...]

STA High School Youth Group- Call Out!

STA HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP All rising 9th-12th graders are invited to meet on the playground for a cook out and fellowship on May 12th following the [...]

Pastoral Associate Position

Pastoral Associate Position:  St. Thomas Aquinas seeks a Pastoral Associate who will work with the pastor in providing leadership to the parish and its staff in several specific areas of parish life.   We are [...]

Spirits of STA Beer Tasting

SPIRITS of STA BEER TASTING EVENT: The STA Community is a welcoming, diverse and generous part of the Indy Northside, with one of the premier summer [...]

St Thomas Aquinas Statement on Haiti & Africa

"There is neither Jew nor Greek . . . for you are all one in Christ Jesus" We the Pastor and Parish Council of St. Thomas Aquinas [...]

STA Parish Letter on Immigration

"There is neither Jew nor Greek . . . for you are all one in Christ Jesus" As many of our school families already know, the St. [...]


STA Prayer Corner

Please pray for our parishioners:
Our Community

Rest In Peace:

Marcella Marshall, mother of parishioner Maureen Marshall-Doss
Robert H Chiplis,
brother of parishioner Tom Chiplis
Gail Gerlach, mother of parishioner Sue Kobets
Richard Plotz,
father of parishioner Therese Plotz
Samuel S. Rago, nephew of parishioner Maria Rago
Tillie Jendraszak, mother of parishioner Patrick Jendraszak

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