St. Thomas Aquinas

Safe Sitter Class

 SafeSitter 2016

Class schedule for SPRING 2017

What:  St. Thomas is a Safe Sitter teaching site.  Our teachers are Mrs. Margaret Toby ( and Mrs. Maureen Doss and they follow the training material provided by Safe Sitter.

The Mission of the Safe Sitter organization: Safe Sitter® prepares young adolescents for the profound responsibilities of nurturing and protecting children.

Who:  Our program will be offered to St. Thomas Aquinas students and STA parishioners but can be extended to the community (please contact Margaret Toby to confirm).  Students must be 11 years old. Class may be limited.

When:  Classes will take place June 4, 2017.

Where: Classes will be held at St. Thomas Aquinas school.

Why:  We want our students to feel safe, secure and confident when babysitting or home alone.  We want to provide them with the skills necessary to be effective and knowledgeable babysitters.


  • Sign up DEADLINE – May 19
  • Cost – $50
  • Dates – June 4, 2017
  • Time – 9:30-4:30.  Students should bring a snack & lunch.
  • Where – Classes will be taught at St. Thomas Aquinas school in the Science Lab.

Safe Sitter sign up @ SAFE SITTER or pay ONLINE.