SausageFest 2020 – Announcement

SAUSAGEFEST 2020 T-SHIRT AND DONATION ORDER FORM 2020 SausageFest Tee Shirts (click here) ***** KINCAID’S STA SF2020 GIVE BACK Kincaid’s SausageFest at Home @ Kincaid’s, 5605 Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN Call Kincaid’s at (317) 255-5497 between now and August 14th to place an order for sausages featured at SauageFest. When placing your order please notify [...]

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Schoolyard Habitat and Meditation Garden Pavers

SCHOOLYARD HABITAT AND MEDITATION GARDEN BRICKS The Schoolyard Habitat and Meditation Garden on the south side of the school is a place to enjoy nature and offers an opportunity for rest and reflection.  Each spring we offer the chance to purchase an engraved paver to go into the path in the habitat garden.  These pavers [...]

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Schoolbelles for BACK TO SCHOOL

Schoolbelles wants to make uniform shopping convenient for the families at St. Thomas Aquinas School and stress free for the administration! Below is a URL that will directly link your school’s website to the Schoolbelles "St. Thomas Aquinas School" shopping page. Purchases made under your school number s1312 helps you earn more towards your School Rebate. [...]

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